June 22, 2006


I started saying it out loud last week, and the reactions have been polar-mixed and gender split. Girls say "do it" and dude friends say "why would you do a thing like that?!" as if I said "I am going to go buy a $600 fax machine" not "I'm thinking about moving to the woods outside Chapel Hill for the winter." I tell them my fantasy, that every morning, I take Wyatt and Monkee out of the house in their carrier bags, walk through the woods to a waiting canoe, and they ride at the end of canoe, while I ferry them about. Like in a victorian painting, but they do not have parasols to twirl between their paws. This is only a minor part of the bigger, woodsier, back to the lander idea-r, but cat-canoe voyage ala Thoreau is a part of it.

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