June 20, 2006


What's good you ask? Les Aus are a band from Catalunya, Spain who are crackin several fine jams on a record I just found on the floor of my workspace entitled Haranna Hanne, the American vers comes out next month on Ted Leo's label. Math-a-roni with the brunt sparkles of Spanish traditional. Not to sound like a menu. Plus, on their myspace page it looks like they might be friends with every cool band in Spain that you don't know about. Worthwhile myspace time killer project--investigation of the Madrid post-punk scene.

Mika Miko have their debut coming out on Kill Rock Stars end of July, and it's hi-energy young sound. They sight Reagan Youth as an influence, but to me they sound like if The Necros had been a first wave Riot Girl band. Rippin leads, circus organ and the whole band shouting along on the chorus. Feels like 82 to me. They are going on a tour that goes in a line from LA to Asheville, NC, which is some real Black Flag style business.

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