June 14, 2006


Sassy-fine Em Rems blogs it and I agree. I saw this shirt the other day on a girl who did not seem to be making any rules at all. Maybe that is my inference, that if a woman is wearing heels so tall as to pitch her forward like is climbing a steeply graded hill, I see the patriarchy's influence cast within those shoes, not a vagina dentata with a Kelis-inspired gold grill that reads "BOSSY". I know, kind of stodgy and second wave*, but also: a shirt that says "I have the pussy so I make the rules" is still totally ironic in 2006, and would only be handy if "Opposite Day" was a world-wide event, rather than particular to grade school taunting.

(* I'd rather 2nd wave identify as third-hegding-fourth wave feminism is mirror-made off contempo-patriarchy--which is capitalist exploitation and personal pleasure (duh)--making a profit on anything you can (logical extention of second waves desire for work outside the home, but) including viewing ones own body, looks, sexuality with the scheming eye of an eBay powerseller. I feel like pleasure-empowerment is a secondary concern when poor women world wide being used as Norplant guinea pigs (google it), and it seems like Eve Ensler is the only person who might care. (PS, and ok: I am so not going to bitch about anyone raising money to help women and trying to do anti-rape education on subway posters or LED screens in sports stadiums, but but but I don;t think the revolution will happen at the behest of the well moneyed--Soooo in reading that story I felt like there is another whole story in how the mega-mill rally du Ensler: a. the story does not mention "feminism" by name b. the focus is about 'gina semantics c. is the world is changing with spin, starpower, money-throwing? d. can plays and the discussion of them foster revolution, or is that some Russia 1910 shit only? e. What is the "until" in "Until the violence stops: NYC"? Until sounds like a threat, but what is being threatened other than an ad campign? ))

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