June 09, 2006



Ok, routing requests are in, and it looks like this: Al Burian, author and I, spectral enigma, are going to do a swift jaunt to read in towns between here and Providence, RI, and back, in late August. Cleveland, Philly, NYC, Providence for sure. Are you in a rippin town between Chi-Boogie and Providence? I will consider Boston, if someone can think up something cool. THEN, later in the fall, we're heading West Coast. Yes, it's true. The big cities for sure (Minneapolis, Seattle, Olympia, Portland, ?, SF, LA,?,?,?), but since gas costs major, but we are also interested in stops in humbler burgs, the Eugenes and Santa Cruzs. Not sure if the route home is going to be southwesterly, or direct through the middle. Email me and make a case for us to stop in your town or your college (can you help hook this up?) or your Sadie Hawkins dance as I will totes also DJ your spot too: Gas is way expensive, so West Coast tour is about maximum hustle.

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