June 08, 2006


Q: What do these videos from Technotronic, L'Trimm and MC Luscious have in common?

No, not that they look like they were directed by the Paper Rad collective.

Not that Chuck Eddy perplexingly included their album in his book about metal.

No, not a thorough reminder that humping the ground is an underused dance move.

A: Cropped jacket + bike shorts + brimmed hat = a killer look for summer-- For dudes, ladies and those that dispute the assertion of binary gender. Judging by the amount of yoga pants and tear away track pants I see on folks, I think people are taking the "casual but active/athletic" look in the wrong direction. Let these videos serve as inspiration; try "bougie bike messenger" or "the hussy of Tae-Bo class" -- or limit yourself to spandex, leather and peace-sign medallions...you can thank me for this later.

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