June 07, 2006


Being a Chicagoan, sometimes it is hard to explain how politically corrupt Chicago is. My first night in Israel, at our reception dinner I was seated with an Israeli financier who grew up here on the west-side. We spent about 20 minutes excitedly explaining the recent turns of Chicago poltico-saga; the hired truck scandal, how close things are getting to Daley, how the takedown of our former governor began with a school bus crash--but it was too much work to try and explain Betty Loren Maltese and the fallout of Cicero.
(I really love saying her name, it sounds so fake. When you imagine what a Betty Loren Maltese looks like-- do you imagine
I don't. I imagine a cold, thin-lipped real estate agent who stops at nothing to get what she wants, drives a convertable and has long blonde hair. Anyhow.) Here's the mini-summary on how ol' Betty, mobbed up, made-up and way confident, helped to defraud Cicero taxpayers of 33 million dollars. In that link, there is another link, to an episode of This American Life about Cicero's corruption scandal. Oh, and I almost forgot, the item that jogged my thoughts of Maltese: Maltese associate convicted on fraud involving his dog --"Rocco J. Dawg" --classic.

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