June 06, 2006


I have had three conversations in three days about it, and so I figure maybe wider evangelism is needed.

I only have one cook book. I used to have two, but that is another story. I only really have one because the one cook book taught me not just how to make things, but how to cook. It's called Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone. It really is for everyone--the proof is that my friend Jonah Bayer, ultimate emo-dog, went from eating like, Hormel Chili out of the can to being someone capable and willing to make meals that impress adult women. It's 752 pages long and before you even get to the main courses, there is like, a chapter about knives and all this basic stuff that no one ever tells you, like that when you use a metal garlic press the garlic comes out tasting more acrid. The chapters are mostly sorted by prime ingredient (apples, winter squash, swiss chard, grains) and it tells you all about the qualities of different varieties, what to look for when buying, how to store it, what sauces and other dishes in the book go well with it, what other dish you can turn the leftovers into. It also has a chapter on drinks and a couple on deserts and plenty of suggestions of how to make most of the recipes vegan. Most of the vegans I know eat disgusting flavorless food (marinated tofu and brown rice!) because they think that that is their lot. Seriously, if you are that person, buy this book just for the sauces recipes and you'll be able to stay vegan for more than 18 months.

The other cookbook I loved and lost is World Food Cafe Cookbook, which has recipes that will slay you and boggle the mouthes of your guests. The downside is they do not say how many each recipes serves--and sometimes it's enough for two people, othertimes you have enough Turkish Eggplant-stuff for eight people.

thats all for today.

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