June 04, 2006


Hausipungo got bumped off Friday's show and onto Saturday's. They were so great. It was like taking a time machine back to Jabberjaw.
One of the only places to sit down was on driving games. Bexxy and I drank cokes. Cindy was in a text fight with someone half the night. I made Cindy translate for me. She kept saying "Even if it was in English I couldn't understand--it's hardcore!"
Tropezio. Before their set they played a sort of mash-up over the PA of popular salsa songs with the I Have A Dream speech with samples of TV shows in Spanish. When the salsa song played, tattoo'd couples suddenly busted moves with suave refinement, then, two minutes later were in the pit.
They made a speech about Nicaragua during their set, and these kids unfurled a banner.
Miriam from Condenada. We got there at 9, thinking Condenada were on at 10. They did not start til 1:30. We waited through 12 bands to see them, and it was totally worth it.
They had a little pinata-gift for the crowd.
Sometimes they have two singers.
"Chicks up front". The girl in the headscarf was fusing religious traditional with punk-- she was wearing loose non-form exposing clothes which included an XXL-sized Rage Against the Machine shirt; I was standing behind her and she pulled up her sleeve to scratch her arm, and her she was covered in tattoos. I want to know her life story.
Note Trish's hand is covered in blood. It's not a real show til the drummer bleeds.

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