June 02, 2006


I got an email from Dan Sinker, my editor-publisher at Punk Planet last night asking me to quit my column in order to make room for new blood they are bringing in with the redesign. I said "sure" because I support that idea and have not turned in a column in two issues because I forgot and was not sure what I had to say to the kids anymore--that I spent this morning downloading an entire album by The Little River Band? They know the scene suxx, punk is dead/alive/reborn, that racism and homophobia and sexism suxx, too--and they are likely ready to hear it from someone else.

Burian and I had this convo a few weeks ago about the horror of encountering the body of work that our columns add up to--as we are both compiling and combing them out for anthologized printings--and realizing not only were you saying the same thing over and over for (in my case) six years, but as Al put it "what you wrote would scare anyone away from punk rock." It's a bitter pill, but I will gladly put it in the Pillverizerô and snort it. I been writing for PP regular for about 11 years, and all my friends, save for Al, are long gone from it's pages and I now have plenty other places I can publish my stuff, and I would rather the platform of those column inches be alotted to a Becky Smith or Mairead or Lizzie E.

Peace to the punx and the Little River Band alike --I'm out.

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