June 01, 2006


A round-up:

Greensboro's own punk-metal ensemble Facedowninshit has just released their new album Nothing Positive, Only Negative on Relapse. The band recently faced-off in a ten day drinking contest with Municipal Waste (the DRI of now-times) according to their Myspace blog--it's unclear who won. Listen to the title track "NPON" here.

You have heard it and have no idea you have heard it. "Disposable Europop with whooshing Trance chorus that keeps popping up between snap-hits on B96" sound familiar? It's "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada and it might be my favorite song right now.

On Tuesday, for a wild-bargain price of 3.99$, I purchased a used copy of a comp called Old Tyme Lemonade. It's a CD of the edition of 100 cassette comp of noise bands. It's un-mastered and all the better for it. All the big names--Midflayer, Lightning Bolt, Kites, Dropdead--but the lesser knowns--landed, Knifestorm and others are just as fierce. Comps are rarely this consistant. Or loud.

In real world news and feelings: Ritchey encapsulates our rage. I am still working on getting my mind around the headline on the wire news yesterday: "Bush Express Concern Over Iraq" -- surely a sign of the apocalypse, no?

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