May 31, 2006


Today's proof that it's almost statistically impossible (12%) to be a band and not be playing a festival in Chicago in the next three months:
World Party reunites and plays their first American date in 7 years at Taste of Chicago on July 8th

Also, in case you, like Bexxy Smith, are rollin' in to town this weekend--AMERICAS FIRST AND ONLY LATINO HARDCORE FEST KICKS OFF ON FRIDAY! I'm there! I'm totes pitting it up for for the fantastical radical feminist/queer/all-female/latina-fronted hardcore band Condenada! They are local and they do a Big Boys cover. Also: Sin Orden! They were the best thing about Chicago Hardcore Fest last year. Lets all go! Latino hardcore is the Southside's secret export: it's the house that Crudos built!

Southkore Fest is this Friday and Saturday, June2nd-3rd.
Doors will open at 8pm and music will start PROMPTLY at 9pm. Show up at 8 to get in in time to see the first bands. They are all worth seeing. This show is All-Ages , 21+ to drink. This is the first ever all Latino punk fest in the US. All ages, DIY, no corporate sponsorship of any kind.

Friday Night Lineup:
Pesadilla Social (all female punk from the south side of Chicago),
I Attack (x members of -Los Crudos),
La Armada Roja (From La Repupublica Dominicana),
Los Sobrios Emputados (from Wyoming),
No Slogan,
Sin Orden,
Huasipungo (from New York via Colombia and Peru),
Juventud Crasa (Puerto Rico),
Tras de Nada

Saturday Night Lineup:
Condenada (All female band),
En La Olla (New York via Mexico and Colombia, x-members of Massacre 68)
Ruido (East Los Angeles),
Tropiezo (Puerto Rico),
BSA (Texas),
Outraged (Watsonville California)

Also on Saturday there will be a screening of "Beyond the Screams"(US Latino Punk documentary by Martin Sorrondeguy former member of Los Crudos and currently in Limp Wrist), "Skin Deep"(Women's Health documentary), and "Land Belongs to Those Who Work It" (A film by the EZLN). This is a FREE event (donations encouraged for the space-Meztli) and will be at Meztli Gallery-556 W. 18th St. from 1pm to 4pm.

Tickets available at

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