May 25, 2006


Freedom From Fest has now become the more enticingly named End Times Fest. Mayor Daley, the best named band in Chicago is playing, as are Magik markers, who are 1/3rd local. It goes during the same time as the Vice-curated Intonation Fest, which I am curious to see how that goes off, since, like, in NY or maybe LA, it's a given that cool kids are as down for rock as they are hip hop, and that if you like Erase Errata you probably like Ghostface too. Chicago's indigenous hip hop scene is micro as is, and like everything else about this city, scenes are segregated. I am curious to see if hip hop headz will come out, or if it'll just be Guided By Voices mega-fans mass-exodusing to the churro carts during Devin The Dude. Either way, denizens of Chi-Boogie, Mnpls is 406 miles away and Radon, Nate Denvers Neck and Times New Viking are waiting for you there--hopefully we might get some tour route spillage and get those folks down here some. It'd be nice if the 312 could get something a little more righteously redonkuliss than whats currently on the slate--Lollapalooza, Pitchfork Fest, Intonation Fest, Touch N Go Birthday Fest. The final BlackOut! fest started last night; it may be the only fest in Chicago this year where you can enjoy seeing bands that are only marginally popular. For example Mind Controls, Mark Sultan's other band, are genius ("Take a message / cos I'm on my deathbed") and hardly have a fanbase! Fuck those big festivals, with their wristbands and sidestages! Go see an obnoxious unpopular band and see them indoors! It's not a real show if you can bring a lawnchair!

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