May 23, 2006


Remember back when this blog was about music? Yeah, me too. In special tribute to back in the day here is my freestyle on some new Rock-Music releases and a song you can't live with out:

The new The Walkmen record comes out today. I remember when Bows & Arrows came out, 2004-summer and Miles and I were DJ-ing at a shooshy bar that shoulda known better, we played "The Rat" twice in a row, and even the girls with the highlights screamed. "The Rat" was all the Strokesian coke glamour rubbed with the rage of Over The Edge-era The Wipers. Taut dialectic of decadence and applied fury. This new record, it sounds like they are desperate to get as far away from any possible Strokes comparisons as they can. So they dressed up like mariachi's and the kid is mewling like Dylan. So basically, it's their Sandanista.

Thursday has a new album that came out earlier this month. Geoff Rickley is our #1 unknown feminist icon, high on Hooks, Dworkin, Said and a Bono-sized wish for music's redemptive powers--he kicks the corpse of Warped-Emo in it's rotten guts, yells "psyche!" then pens an anti-rape anthem (or 10) in order to alienate his fanbase and save whomever remains. Don't front like you don't have room for such righteousness; it's half-mil budget musik, so there is no TRY in liking it--it just goes greasy down the gullet. I saw them about 11 times in the last two years and every time they gave me chills, and you know me-- I live to hate power-eem.

It's not out yet, but, the best record of the year that I know about is the new Erase Errata. Perhaps you saw them when they had that dude singing, or you are wondering if EE can still step after the departure of skronk-wonderlady, Sara Jaffe, but you will not have to wonder past July. Best record of the year, best record they've made. Jenny's newbie guitar steez = the shredding of a shitty Mexican Fender while Ellie and Bianca turn the party out. There is a moment of proggy channeling amongst deep punking, and, inchoately--dancing! The most charged/funny polemics by way of the Bay Area since, oh, Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables.

Last afternoon, I began a 19-hour sleep, a jet lagged coma-kiss. Every dream played the same song, it was a song I heard just yesterday, courtesy JR, who with jawns like these earns his best-friend keep. You should write these details down and then proceed to your nearest legal-download portal, because it is worth 99 cents; it's worth at least $4. Which is about 16 shekels and change. You can thank me later:
Edwin Birdsong- "Cola Bottle Baby"
Perhaps you been humping to this song since late '79, but even if you do not know it, you know it--Daft Punk built "Harder Better Faster Stronger" on a sample of it.

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