May 20, 2006


I just got back from interviewing Asaf Hanuka and Etgar Keret, whose work together and seperately I admire in a way I rarely admire anyone, and it was mortifying. They, naturally, were so natural and dazzling and intellectual and funny I hardly had to ask any questions, which is good, since I did not have my questions. Since our junket was running an hour late, was 25 minutes out of the city talking to a gold medalist windsurfer, I got dropped off straight from the beach to Etgars house. I had on clothes, but I was also wearing a wet bikini and had a fresh sun burn, sand all over my head, no batteries for my tape recorder. So we go to the store and I realize I also did not have my wallet, so he bought my batteries for me. I could not have been more pathetic and/or mortified and Etgar and Asaf could not have been more gracious. Humbled by my amatuerity in front of my heroes... I think Etgar felt sorry for me. I did too.

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