May 15, 2006


Being on a junket is profoundly strange. Back of the shuttle-van today, I overhead the closest real life proximity re-enactment of LCD Soundsystem's "Losing My Edge", as a conversation between some of the dudes. I pressed my head against the window and looked into the Renaults zipping past; at Israeli moms with carseats, old men picking their noses, workers in trucks; wondering about living in the woods.

I have slept only four hours since a few days ago. We will not see anything they do not plan for us, the schedule is packed and precise. The beach is across the street; I have not been there yet because it's not on the itinerary. I ditched the indie rock show/showcase in order to wait for the internet to come back on, so I can work. Racism is mentioned in 4 of the 5 presentations we heard about music today; Becky the most beuatiful women I have ever seen in real life, the MTV VJ, who is a Yemenite jew got in an argument, raised voice argument with Eton after he said racism doesn't exist in Israel, between jews--I got it on tape, even. I am jet lagged and not in top form to ask questions, they come out fragged, I'm still shy infront of these strangers--but, no one seems to ask questions other than spellings--save for Carlo McCormick from Paper who, thankfully, plays the WTF card during the Q&As. I think everyone is tired.

Each meal is more food than I eat all day at home and fancy. Plied with food; it's an easy trick--I'm chubbing up.

Popular female singers wear a normal amount of clothes in their videos. It seemed shocking.

Stray cats everywhere, with long abyssianian necks. They are trolling for licks of your ice cream.

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