May 11, 2006


Dear strangers writing me emails,

I appreciate that you are taking such care to craft me such pointed missives (&those haikus must have taken hours); I welcome this all, as discourse is the best--but, I must say this--addressing me as a bitch, a stupid bitch, a fucking cunt, a stupid cunt etc.--means I will not write you back. And those of you journalists, who feel called to rep for journalists everywhere when you call me an "idiot cunt", best blv I will not hesitate to print yr emails with yr name and your publication's signature footnoted at the bottom right here on this blog.

Meanwhile, just so the whole free world of the little tiny critical internet knows, I apologized to Merritt for my zealousness in branding him a racist, an apology which was recv'd quite graciously. I know admitting that you are wrong about something is against the bylaws blog wars/the internet/idiot cuntdom and all--hope yr not dissappointed in me breaking protocol, or take me apologizing to someone as a sign of eminent apocolypse--but surely, there is another good two or three ILM threads to be milked from this admission alone.


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