May 10, 2006


This is the last post about it, all of it, period.

I don't think not liking rap makes you racist -- I just don't think taste exists in a vacuum. John Cook's Slate argument is that, and by framing his argument as such, it makes that the jump off for the discussion. Which is a stupid discussion.

I don't hate Stephin Merritt. Would the more prudent thing of been to not call him a racist-ass-racist-crackerfaced-cracker* and instead, say "I think these things he is saying beg examination"--Yes. Am I generally prudent? No.

I'm not saying I'm not a journalist to escape any culpability for anything I write or have written, will ever write. The people who are up in arms about how I need to uphold journalistic standards on my blog, in general--please scroll back down a little bit and consider--this week, aside from writing about Merritt, apologizing to Merritt, linking to debate on the debate, etc--I wrote about my haircut, my love life, my vacation and books I am reading. If you think I really uhh, owe it to the sanctity of a profession I do not practice to keep my personal blog on some hygenic writing trail, you need to put down yr internet and take yr outrage around the block for some air.

I said I am not a journalist because I'm not. I'm not trying to loophole out of anything or posit myself as an outsider. I write for a living, yes, but not journalistically. I was raised journalists, I understand the profession as someone who spent my formative years in newsrooms drawing with china markers; my dad spent the 80s in Central America covering wars. I write a blog and make jokes and make fun of people and talk about my feelings at length with extreme self interest. I make the best music fanzine in America along with some other people. I write criticism about music and art through a feminist lens. I write the occasional fluff piece and I do an MP3 blog for a corporate monolith. I am not a journalist, I am a writer. To clarify: Personal semantics, not me beefing with journalistic ethics or responsibility. My condolences if you wish it said otherwise on my business cards.

(* This is me making a joke. Generally, I think the people who read this blog are smart enough to get when I am making a joke, and so I don't usually have to bring it to their attention. But today, we're rolling for maximum blog safety.)

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