May 08, 2006


Carla Bozulich has made a new record entitled Evangelista. Listening to "Baby, That's The Creeps"-- a song that hits mid-album, and reminds me of how on the (new) liner notes of Patti Smith's Horses, someone wrote how there are really two parts of it, before "Birdland" and after. Before "Baby" it's fine strokes of tension, apprehension wrapped in see-saw howls and organic noise collage and cellos that hole out yr malaise (it's a natural for Constellation, former home of Godspeed You Black Emperor), when she comes out the otherside, it's the tenative calm that rises after something ferocious is gone, but roaming free.

In the nine and a half minute opener, she comes on like a tent-revival Diamanda, swinging her pain with such swagger, you'd think she had a patent on it. I always thought Geraldine Fibbers were just an excuse-slotting for that twang at the back of her voice; their urbane cowboy bit fenced her in I felt. There is something really merciful to hear Bozulich let loose dusky wails like she knows the truth--that there is no reason not to.

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