May 05, 2006


It is a rotten thing to do, to pick favorites, but I have some. Many. But in particular, Al and Nora. Them both, right now, have hair so wild. Nora has a perm gone wrong-right and Al has grown his Prince Valiant euro-skier ' doo out and he looks like Manson. So much so, it is the first thing people point out. Not me, but that's only because he looks like Al to me at all times. I also like them as individuals and as a couple, for their personalities and friendship as well. This would be a hard city for me if I did not see them as much as I do. Al and Nora and I walked to the Ice House for a comic-art influenced movie curated mini festival that also included, regrettably, some, well, I think you could call it improv theatre. Many of the works, short films and animations were ironic. I felt a little gipped on my $4 paid at the door until they showed a movie by the woman who I think is the best unknown comix-drawer in my known universe, Lilli Carre. There was a short animated, non ironic, very sweet film of hers where a dog digs up a bone and a woman looks at the sky, grows a star for a tooth that rings like a bell when it sparkles and stares at the moon on a little hill. She stares at the moon until she is skeletal and her head bounces down the hill and the sound effect for that was the clucking-clicking sound you make when you suction your tongue to your mouth's roof. I would pay $4 just to see that little movie again.

Lilli Carre lowdown: you can buy her comix mailorder through Quimby's link to the right, but you can also browse a sample of them here. I really love the way she draws hair and grass. She makes them look warm, like you could mush into them easily. When the little character says "Tomorrow I will mow you" to the grass, that is also my favorite part. 100 Favorites, At All Times.

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