May 04, 2006


Today, a tone of desperation in the Statcounter Search Terms which lead some one to this bloggerita, via Google: Where can I find my secret unicorn friends for ever? Suggestion: Look on Myspace.

Also, in greatness today, Jeff Johnson, recently liberated from the editorial caste at Jane, posts hard about Ann Murray and Helen Reddy. I thought Helen Reddy was a joke, until I dj'd the Veteran Feminists of America conference, and when I played "I am woman" a roomful of 65 y.o.+ women stood up and joined hands and sang it, then demanded I play it again. What will be the song we one day do that to? Maybe "Steppin to the AM" by 3rd Bass? Or maybe "Don't Give A Shit" by D.O.? (You can do the chorus with the burping-solo part. I can't burp on command.)

Also, I am driving up to Minneapolis on Monday, if someone needs a ride or if you want to come with, let me know. I have to see the Kiki Smith exhibit at the Walker. And my family, too, just in case Iran blows up Israel while I am there next week.

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