May 01, 2006


" All those possibilities. All that perfectly reconciled style. It made me afraid to put words down." -- Joan Didion on reading Henry James, 1978

Fitted Sweats provides a link: Joan Didion interview from Paris review 1978. Reading the process of others make me realize how pathetic my own writing habits are; I write for deadlines. My attitude about my writing and my discipline around it are frought with fear, which often hobbles my ability to do anything with words but fluff this blog every day. Fear too twisted and elbaborate to consider, but I consider it anyhow. What helps is reading about "the process", or in the case of Bookworm, listening. Their interviews with authors, even ones I don't know, often feel like a grail. Subscribe to the podcast, you will not regret it for a second. The Octavia Butler interview was fascinating, I keep going back to it. Her voice is like a comely foghorn and her artistic and political reasonings are inspiring, to put it lightly. And even though I have found his work inpenetrable, the David Foster Wallace interview is also fascinating. DFW verges on getting in a tiff with the host when talking about his lobster book about the nature of writing. Total brain rub.

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