April 29, 2006


Update to my post about Stephin Merritt's keynote panel from two days back: Mr. Merritt has offered to provide a complete transcript of the keynote panel for my review, as he feels my impression is not accurate, and as he said this morning "I dont like being called racist on the internet"-- I agreed to consider the transcript and will post about it after I get a chance to read the whole thing.

The panel I moderated this morning was such a joy. It really was. The first time I came to EMP four years ago I really felt peerless and less than, because I was having to turn to my friends with the Semitotics degrees from Brown and ask what words meant, I walked out of multiple panels because I was so flustered I did not understand. I was complained about it and another writer/EMP-r accused me of being anti-intellectual; I cried about it because I wanted to understand and I thought I was peer, but ultimately felt isolated and dumb. I don't know if the conference has changed or if I have, but I feel like someone tossed a long lock of rapunzel hair down I scaled the ivory tower that way, but, on the panel today, with four women telling stories--of how music and DIY and feminism changed their lives, or the lives of other girls--to an audience of Greil Marcus and bloggeristas alike--it really meant something to me, deeply, to be part of that dialogue. That determined dialogue and others about race and class and sexuality and music we love and hate and why--my heart as much as my mind are in a total froth over it all. Posi-froth.

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