April 28, 2006


ADDENDUM FOR SLATE READERS, c. 5/9-- John Cook's selective linking gives you only part of the story. May I suggest, also, This post and last week's mea culpa. Also, for the record, no one ever said not liking Beyonce makes you racist, no one even infers it. Lastly, I resent being called a journalist. I'm not.

ADDENDUM 5/2-- before you read below, please read my remarks, as well as Drew Daniel's here.

ADDENDUM: 4/29 Mr. Merritt has offered to provide a complete transcript of the keynote panel for my review, as he feels my impression is not accurate. I agreed to consider the transcript and will post about it after I get a chance to read the whole thing.

EMP Report: I did not have to ask Stephin Merrit of Magnetic Flds whether he was racist, because his nice, long elucidating comment about his love, NAY, obsession with racist cartoon, Song of The South, served as a pre-emptive answer. It's one thing to have "Zippitty Doo Da" be your favorite song. It is another to lay in for an Uncle Remus appreciation hour amidst a panel--("I love all of it," he says). He also made fun of Drew Daniel, also on the panel, who he mocked, for Drew telling a story about how he got punk bashed in the parking lot of his Kentucky high school with a chair leg. How does anyone mock Drew? Making a joke about a Matmos record privately is one thing, but... He mocked people who write him letters saying his music means something to them, that they are gay and it saved their lives. I walked out because I was pretty sure I could not keep from yelling WHY ARE YOU SUCH AN ASSHOLE?! and took a 30 minute break and came back and he was still growing strong though, and sadly, we missed Merritt's entire theory about melisma (the vocal technique) and how it related to his idea's of CELINE DIONS BEING BLACK. Apparently, after a few minutes, someone kindly informed him that Celine Dion is actually white, and Canadian at that. Celine Dion is unblack as hell.

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