April 27, 2006

"PRIME RIB DIP" (addenduh)

Click here for my 1300 words on Mecca Normal and the plight of independent womens like Jean Smith from this weeks' Chicago Reader; I could write another 13,000 words about it, about romance & feminism, how it took me almost a month to listen through the whole album exactly once, because it grieved me so. In the press material for the record, Jean mentions about whether she was unsure if it was the right thing, as a feminist, to make this record, was it an appropriate example to share with young women, and I really think it is because it is brutal, it does not spare us, it pokes at our fear and shame and longing. It is good to tell; yr only as sick as yr secret history.

I meant to share a link, not horde it like a selfish prig: Greatest Band of All Time--a group blog out of Portland that does histories of almost-rans and bands time forgot that at one time were yr fave. Granted right now they are doing a 4 parter on the Smiths, which I feel like have been on eternal furnacestial blast into our culture-zones since, roughly, the moment of my parent's conception of me (xmas 1975, Bloomington, IN). but they have also done re-rewinds on early nineties hardcore that were documentary over nostalgic. It's about love and it's free of Pitchforky fetishizing and of any beat sense of "it was better back when..."--they great it all with a wow. Like fanzine meat. It kind of reminds me of #2 Fanzine. (Five Top Newsprint Zines of the Late 90s in order, not counting my own: 1.Commodity, 2. Change Zine 3.Error 4. #2 5. Torpedo Dialogues (Chris Richards from Q and Not U's zine that last 2 or 3 issues--he was a high schooler!))

I also have this gossip to tell you: I went to visit Joan at work, and the Sub Pop mail room is run by Mark Arm of Mudhoney, who is ageless. A real grunge perennial, that man.

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