April 26, 2006


I wrote another peice on Pink, this time the video and the album.

Tonight, I voyage to my one-time living place of Seattle for a couple few days for the EMP conference. I am presiding over an amazing panel with papers by young feminist 'llectuals Sara Marcus, Sara Jaffe and Melissa Meltzer at 9 am on Saturday. Come on by! I am awful bummed that our panel is up against Jody Rosen and Elijah Wald, who are always some of my favorites. Robert Christgau's paper on Young Jeezy, I am really anticipating being some hot shit. Drew Daniels interrogates Stephen Merritt on the opening night. Maybe he will ask him about whether he is as racist as people seem to think he is. EMP=Brain fites!

Bart Ehrman, who wrote the book on non-canonical biblical texts is on NPR right now. TOTALLY fascinating. He just recounted a passage in Mary M's gospel, where it says Jesus kissed Mary on her (page missing). "He could have kissed her anywhere, " Terri Gross adds with a giggle. Imagine how different a world we might live in if the missing 4 pages of Mary M.'s gospel was some Penthouse Forum style "I never beleived it would happen to me" recount of a freaky night in a cave with Jesus.

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