April 25, 2006


Is it madddd winebar of me to like this Cibelle record so much? Despite those Midi strings and the sound of the ocean sampled/Sade on a budget bits, it's like the Kid A of lonely-samba albums for baddish girls.

Secondly, I went to interview Flosstradamus kids today for a mini-story and I got there and J2K was mopping the floor in anticipation of my arrival. Moptradamus. They even lit a candle. It reminded me of when yr 21 or 22 and you go over to some guy's house for what turns into a date--votive candles are the sort of things dudes do to try and present themselves as civilized.

Question, why has no one made a remix of The Federation's "In Love With A Hoodrat" and Hold Steady's "Little Hoodrat Friend"? Hyphy would do Craig Finn well.

Lastly, did you get the Best of Men's Recovery Project yet? "Get The Fuck Out Of My Office" is only 40 seconds long and undoubtably, those might be the most wild 40 seconds of your day.

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