April 23, 2006


If it is viewable in your area, gentle reader, you must go see The Devil and Daniel Johnston. I was moved in most glacial parts of my heart. I cried whenever his dad cried, and when Daniel is on MTV for the first time, and also when Daniel starts crying, at an in-store in NY, at Pier Platters, in 1986, while singing about how he is going to god--and the hipster-fans are singing along, perhaps thinking he is just like a big, loopy, genius baby and then they realize that his is singing about his own death, the coffin so real, as he won't stop the song and the tears are just streaming down his pink, pained face. Really, you must see it. It is a movie about so many things, about depression and greatness, what happens when the art never stops coming out of you, the kind souls of Sonic Youth, about best intentions, about what happens when you think you are Casper the Friendly Ghost. It also may remind you that "I did acid with Caroline" is one of the best pop songs ever put to cassette.

Also, post-note, I gotta rescind or renege on last weeks touch dismissive bit about the wild Serato styles of Flosstradomus. They brought the juke beats a top the chopped and screwed and "perculator" to various anthems du chirpback and made a lot of people at the Bottle bounce-bounce and lean with it, and roll with it as well. They were flosstraflawless until they gave everyone a reprieve with the baffling typical/pandering set that started with "Rock The Casbah" and then went into "Humpty Dance" and by the 2nd chorus of "Jump Around" me and my dirty flip flop were out on the curb--it was like a bad dream--I looked at Miles and was like "Hey, what just happened? Weren't we just dancing to T.I.?" --not to diss those girls with the tans on the bottom of their feets frottaging a thongshow amidst the flat brims--but peace to the fratmosh in '06.

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