April 17, 2006


CSS, whose name translates to "Tired of Being Sexy" is a band you should care about. Try out their myspace page . ESL elastic funk, 5 ladies and one dude. It's not dance punk one bit. Full length on Sub Pop in July.

I know yr likely as burnt, if not burnter-plus than I, of/off all this honkey skronk ad naus. It's marginally comical, to remember, in my brain to remember the pure fuck of "House of Jealous Lovers" and how it felt like a super power to lay it on the tables at a party. Never quite there with !!!, or Radio 4, or those also rans who played all Emma Goldman dance dance revolution, like shaking ass was a noble mission, and we played along. NOW, How do we reverse from where that has gotten us? I see dance punk was the reaction to codified emo, white belted and in love with it's pain, and now somehow the two have merged into dixx in guyliner, ties being the new belts and goth and emo fucking each others faces all over the pages of AP-- so what is the reaction, the core that will be the post of this preening-pouty and whatever you wanna call the genre that is meta-textually represented in Pete Wentz rubbing one out on his camera phone? What is that things opposite? Slow meditations of plain-ness rife with clear sexuality--like Lungfish meets R Kelly (= Wilderness)? Simple assertiveness with a touch of clever (clever is never out of style as long as someone somewhere is still isolizing Steve Malkamus)? Will Shipping News suddenly become popular again? Will Brazilian drunk humpty baile make Brazil the new Sweden? WHO IS WATCHING THE TRENDS?! WHERE WILL OUR FETISHISTIC DRIVE AND SLUTTERING BOREDOM TAKE US NEXT?!


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