April 17, 2006


Tommorow, if you want to "party" for free, I am djing this party for a Honda car (not my own), at the Landmark Art Gallery Loft, 841 Randolph, 8pm-1 am.
I DJ from 8-10. Then The Assassins, The Red Walls both play and then Chris Holmes, known toucher of much local booty, DJs into the night. If you want to go, RSVPCHICAGO@FILTERMMM.com. It is a 21+ deal. (Sors!) I have no idea what sort of musics I will spin--it's 6 corpo sponsors, a car on the club floor, a booty-toucher, a major label teenager band and a band that, according to their bio, "take 80's Manchester as the start point of their sound" --what does one play in those situations--I am thinking perhaps Judy Collins/Dipset/Discharge mega-set would really come correct. Anyhow, free party with vodka drinks and snacks and me. You could swing by after work, get half way to trashed, eat some mini quiches as I play all of side 1 of Unwound's Fake Train --it could be the best night of your life for all you know.

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