April 16, 2006


I was riding around the other day with a newly pregnant friend, my second newly pregnant dear friend of the week, actually, and we were talking about it, it's outfuts and potential names, or why pregnant ladies should stay off bikes, not sure, and my friend says, "I just want to see it's face."

With really earnest, eager insistence--"I just want to see it's face."
I keep thinking about that. And about the three babies of friends I will meet this year.

Today in church, a girl, about 4 yrs old, turned to a newborn baby she had been flirting with, who was in the pew behind her, and whispered, holding up a ziplock bag of Chee*tos, and said with earnest, eager insistence amid crunchy bites "These are really good."

On Good Friday, I saw inside the Russian Orthodox church next door, the latin was booming, everything 'cept the parishoners, the priest and the pews were gilded. Catholic opulence, when it's old, it's majestic and a little distracting--if it's too new, I think "steakhouse".

In the last thrift store we went to yesterday, there is an organ by the door ("$50, no haggling"). Mid-way through the back of the store browse, I asked my friend "Is that the radio, or is someone playing the organ?"-- we checked. A man was playing a gospely version "Jesus is my rock" on the organ at the front, and testifying in the breaks between chorus and verse. A little white lady, about 70, stood behind him. He asked her to clap and help him keep time. He did not have full use of his hands, and he used the chord pedals with his feet a lot. Everytime he sang "Jesus" or "saved" she said "Amen."-- I asked at the counter--the guy comes in every other week or so, and plays in exchange for outfits. It was the best thing I've ever seen in a thrift store.

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