April 13, 2006


Today is a fantastic day, fortuitous--good news from so many friends--the seasonal change is a harbinger of big events for everyone it seems--Miles even got a haircut. Good news, exciting news beyond that: I am going to Israel for 8 days next month to write about the Israeli music and art scenes. I am hoping this helps; I feel stumped by my own tropes and analysis: punk is still sexist, and so is emo, the feminist bands are still confused and most everyone is racist, music qua music, as J-Shepdilla sez, is enjoyable... Al Burian, my dear dear friend, and i have spoken recently about the humbling awfulness of putting together yr work for anthology and realizing that you wrote the same thing over and over for years, trying to romance out some truth from it, finding truth that you thought you knew to be relative at best and cycnicism creeping up by the year. Al and I discussed: what is the new topic? He's got new works already--he made an existential comic in German last year, that even though I know only maybe 100 word of, was quite funny. Where do we go? Speculative fiction? German comix? Poetry? Bodice-ripping romance novellas? Israel? Answers TBA 2006.

Meanwhile, there is an interview with me about writing in the local student paper this week . It is pretty funny for accidental reasons.

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