April 12, 2006


Did you make the mistake I did and buy that The Roots out takes CD (green one) because you just kind of missed them? Sucks to be us, eh? I like how the front sticker notes, as if it's bonus, as if it would make it different from anything else they've ever issued (including their website) "FEATURES EXTENSIVE LINER NOTES FROM ?UESTLOVE" (do you want more? is really a rhetorical question, because with ?uest, you get fifth helpings, Old Country Kitchen Buffet style whether you want them or not.) Main thought: Dice Raw cameos are the sort of thing best kept to ones self.

If you live in Chicago and are a freak (not the R Kelly kind): U of C Doc Films, where the movies are $4 and have no previews or commercials before them, just some nerdy girl with a pony tail reading whats playin for the next few days: They are 2-3 weeks into "Werner Herzog Weds." Check the Reader for whats up when .Celebrate hump night with my favorite German weirdo (other than Al Burian)! Click here to watch the trailer for a film as beguiling as it is yikesifying: 75 Years of Klaus Kinski! Ieee! He's too tan! TOO TAN!

And get hip to this:This Saturday April 15th, 2 pm at the Downtown Chicago branch, a lecture about the life and times and political climate in Chicago that lead to the election of Chicago's greatest mayor, a man who did a lot for the people of this city, in honor of his birthday: Harold Washington. (!)

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