April 11, 2006


Today I am on a field trip to Matt's parents house. The warshing-machine of our basement a-partment stole 22 bucks wortha my hard-earned qrtrs in the last 4 weeks, and so Matt brought me to his parents to do laundry here after I raised my fists about my un-did laundry enough. The field trip is good so far: It's like being in a Steely Dan song, except I'm not hoovering lines off a glass table while Donald Fagen laser-eye's down the front of my leotard; more just being a low brow kid freeloading in someones parent's regal place, "borrowing" their dryer sheets. I'm in a teak-wood paneled den, lined with shelves mystery books on an old red leather couch that smells like leather. I got my bare feet up on the table; don't tell. It's the movie adulesence (sp?) I never had. I am expecting a too-young bitchy step mom with a fluffy blond perm to come down the spiral staircase and condescend to me any second, or that after this, me and my best friend, played by Andrew Mc Carthy, will go smoke a bowl on a nearby golf course. I will be played by Chris Makepeace in classic riot girl drag .

Oh, and last thing, speaking of rg's: Sadie Benning is my almost-neighboor! I ran into her at the dinner spot. I interviewed her in Hit it or Quit it #3 and we walked all over Minneapolis one night when I was 15 and she was like, 19 or 20--neither of us could drive. She said she has been working on a new show of video and paintings for seven years that will tour museums in 2007--I AM ALL THE WAY PSYCHED A FULL YEAR IN ADVANCE. When I was a pre-woman, Sadie Benning and Godard were the only reasons I ever made little films in the first place. I am really interested to see what she has crafted from her fine mind.

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