April 10, 2006


I am giving myself an 11 minute time limit to blog today, so lets be to the marrow about it.

Tomorrow, 4/11, Sasha Frere Jones, our friend from Funkytown, is faux-hosting Charlie Rose. Check yr local listings.

In June, the new Sonic Youth album will come out and you will be pumped. I am pumped now and will tell you all about it "soon". It's called Rather Ripped and it's pop-secret.

Cave Deaths, a band from Minneapolis, have a newish album, from the turn of the year, on Modern Radio. Boy singer sounds like Lee Renaldo by way of Mark E Smith, Girl sounds like a girl you would know. There is a saxophone or two. Like Sweep the leg Johnny if they weren't such a ball slappin' midwestern operation, if they were about mood and nuance and not Sweep The Leg Johnnying. I listened to the record five times in a row, and I don;t remember the last time I did that with anything other than Sufjan.

I went outside with a sweater on, it was too hot for that. I am putting on a t shirt and trying again, in mere minutes. Now that the weather is nice, I do not have to worry about my elderly Ukrainian neighboors freezing to death on their way to the corner store. I fantasize about having a golf cart and spending my days taking old people to and from the store. I see them paused for long times, rest against fences and walls, walkers in hand every day, all day and they can only carry like one jar of pickled mushrooms, a can of Polish Sprite and one Stauffers dinner home at a time, so they have to go every day. It's unbearably sad.

Nick Sylvester has a new RIFFSBLOG, and it's only a week new, but he's in pro-form as ever.

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