April 08, 2006


I hoped high and hoped wrong. Today was part one of what is looking like it might stretch into a three day a'venture to Wisconsin. Perhaps, if you are someone who has ever driven through Appleton or Wausau of Salted Weiner Shores or wherefucking ever, you are asking, what is a girl like me doing going to a place like that on purpose? For thrifting. For a story. About thrifting in S. Wisc. I was thinking, ok, worse case scenario it's all Packers sweat shirts and baby overalls and tearaway track pants for 5th grader boys--it was worse case scenario's trashy cousin, Nothing But Sweatpants and Dirty Nightgowns, every which way. We drove hours, all over and over. We hoped Lake Geneva would be some hot fancy old people furniture since Lake G is just fancy old people central, but it was dinette sets and handcarved wooden goose doorhangings that say "welcome" in rustic, greyed down pastels. Modern Rustic home furnishings really bring out my desire to expatriate. Made it through 7 stores in as many hours, 181 miles. One store, in Janesville, was killer (rusted wagon wheels galore), the rest were a waste of diesel and there is no effing way I can write about them. Details TK. One of the garage sales we went to had a gun rack with locks and 5 breadmakers. The guy said that after his dad died, his mom went on a spree, she bought 11 of them and made one loaf of bread total in one of them. Breadmachines are one of those fantasy-use only items, I can't blame anyone for purchasing them over and over again as a result of their mourning; something about it makes easy sense.

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