April 05, 2006


I heard and saw Franklin and Joshua read their different styles of poems, all good, some great. Joshua were fun. Fun as in funny. I am not sure what makes poetry good (still) but laughing at stuff that somehow is not a joke but just silly-interesting to your mind, like the lace around a joke, nerdy inside brain things and also use of language things =still not quite a joke, but rollicking laughs just the same. Timing and delivery maybe. Joshua's poems were about things I knew, Franklin's poems were about things I could understand the references of: Carol Lombard, cream-foods, California towns that are nothing but industrial warehouse centers for impossible small things that are shipped everywhere that no one should care about.

I feel really out of touch with language. Like I cannot service language or my ideas well. I have not been talking with my idea people lately. I have not been reading enough. I am too mucky in love, so glad to have Matt home after weeks of us away, I just want to eat dinner and hold hands and ask about his day; Lungfish is right--love will ruin your mind. I don't believe it for real, I just want to burrow into the love like a stake-out. I'm just not waking up with the words in my head like usual. I feel like I am reorienting, like a space woman come back down from my capsule and my powdered packets of food.

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