April 04, 2006


God bless an America with a Daylight Savings System in place! Enjoyment level of extra hour of day til night at Orange Alert-wayup-status! LIGHT AS HECK, here in the Chi-boogie and it is currently all the way 6:46 pm.

I bought a car yesterday and I drove it all around today. The car is insulating, and I still like driving my bike better, because I can see up and be around the people. The bike is as scary as the car though. I have PTSD from my accident, and feel like everyone is going to plow into me just like last time, and flinch and gasp and break/brake excessively, where once I drove swiftly and with asshole-ish confidence. Towards the end of my errands, I saw a woman run over and down and motorcycle and the man riding it. He was ok, but it anchored my fright and my desire to move on to a ranch in the country, and drive horses through the woods, away from loud noises and stop signs and Mayor Daley.

Last on today's agenda: Tomorrow, Weds Night, 7 pm at Danny's (Dickens & Damen, it's near Armitage) ye Jane Dark/Joshua Clover and Franklin Bruno, our man of the older school, they are reading poems. They are two writers and thinkers whose works and thinks I enjoy deeply. Come on out and hear them read. Both of them are funny. I think the shiz iz free. Free funny and poems aloud, from great men of the age.

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