April 03, 2006


You know, I keep forgetting to mention to you, casual like, in the by and bye, or the buy n' buy (whtevz) a few things, that you may or may find interesting, like, for example: MUSIC IS REALLY GOOD. Great in the springtime, like, kittens and asses and sunshine.

About music:

TODAY, Ellen Allien and her boyfriend, Apparat, are putting out this album called Orchestra of Bubbles. The Steiglitz/O'Keefe couple of hot, dancing late night sweat it up parties of neu Berlin. As with all things Mz. Ellen does, it is both flawless and deeply inspiring. I too want to make a collabo-album with my dude. Maybe one day, when we move to the desert and we can have drone jams on sandstone plateaus and we'll put contact mics on our farm dog that wears a little kercheif on it's neck. The dog will be named Bingo and the rustling of his fur will be the "sing" of the band. No doubt.

STRANGELY, I like Anti-Flag now. 84-style album art that features, graves, bombers, a blood red sky and GWB's WHITE CASA and songs about depleted uranium. Our old-old friend from the bridge, Charles Aaron at ye olde SPIN magazine tore the Pittsburg boys a tiny new surgically clean butthole in the recent issue about sloganeering and everyone hating Bush. To paraphrase Chuck D, Anti-Flag is the CNN of teenage bedrooms in ranch homes on lilywhite suburban cul de sacs. SURE, "everyone" is making records about what a subhuman shit fleck Bush is, but those records and those songs are clever, obtuse, or Vedderish at best, self congratulatory apathy anthems "only for the grown and un-sexy"... and kids, THE KIDS, in fact, they need and like political punk bands that are didactic and thats why songs like "Depleted Uranium Is A War Crime" are not only good, but nessecary. You and me, maybe we like our shit fancy, Guy Piccotto lathering his tongue about favorite Supreme Court Justices -- but there is a tangible social function to "poltical band" that we miss entirely once we stop teasing out and gluing up our mohawks. Plus, their songs are about spirited hope, are UK snot and Gilman spit, and I feel that. PS>Pick slides and sloganeering still have a place in my heart in 2006.

GERMANS: I like their disco musicks but not their rock usually, but special exception to The Robocop Kraus, who are on tour and play tonight at The Empty Bottle for free. Tonight meaning Monday. They are kind of like the Les Savy Fav of Germany, meaning, they remind you of your five bands you love, all at once. But unlike Les Savy Fav, they do not make you wish they'd choke on their own legwarmers.

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