March 26, 2006


Jean Smith, voice of Mecca Normal, is also an artist. You can browse and purchase paintings from her on her art website; lovely horse paintings currently going for $20 USD+shipping.

Tomorrow, pictures and story of last night, though I will let Lil' Ketchup reveal the better details via her Antisocial column this week, first, perhaps. It started easy enough, a going away "party" for half our girl-cabal as they move to NYC and it ended with a tan man in a sparkley purple cumberbund chasing us into an elevator and screaming at the top of his lungs that he would make sure we spent the night in jail. We didn't. It is hard to take a man with a highlighted, moussed-up wet-look crew cut seriously no matter what he threatens you with, but we screamed none the less when he pried the door open with his leg.
I do not know if I have ever laughed so much in one night.
It was a caper, for sure.

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