March 24, 2006


Brazilian skinhead girlband, Stripped, performing Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl". This video illustrates the universal truths of being a young girl in a band:
1.) Your first 11 bands will undoubtedly feature THAT GUY. In their case, it's the dude in Clockwork Orange outfit. He will be the worst part of your band but he knows chords and has taught them to you and you think you need him. You don't. Later on, you kick him out, and privately make fun of his bowler hat/gothcape/ugly mohawk.
1.5) In your first 11 bands, the skinniest/sluttiest/prettiest girl you know will be the singer, by default, never because she actually merits it. This is a rule of 10th grade girl bands.
2.) You will think you are a skinhead punk band, but really you sound like Suicide. You think you are thrash metal but you sound like Huggybear. You try for Oi, but you sound like the Au Pairs and end up being accidentally wrongmazing.

Also, on a roll: JR's blog . He's been on a roll lately. Todays entry about the book store with the joke about beating off to Dave Von Ronk records, paired with the last entry where he was leaving candy on the benches of Wicker Park are really funny to my chucklehead.

Back to work! You and me both!

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