March 24, 2006


I saw this man, maybe you know, Sam Beam? Sam Bean? Iron and Wine dude. He was at the table next to us, his beard was gargantuan. Like a cross between a pillow and those fake Halloween cobwebs that come in a bag that you use to decorate your porch. Except it was so red-orange, it was almost pink, like a big plume of hair-fire. Like his face was a NASA rocket and his facial hair was the combustion of $462,000 worth of rocket fuel. But the best part about him, really, was the woman with him. She was beautiful and thick and was wearing homemade clothes and a beret. She was so lovely and euro-confident, she might of just been wearing the Eiffel Tower on her gamine freckle face. She was so cool looking, it made me think I should really check out Iron and Wine again, double check to make sure I was not wrong about them being high-alert effete; her beret-style was that immaculate. That is kind of how I feel when I am out with Matt, because he dresses, especially in summer, like a man in an old movie, with fitted shirts and a old man hat and exudes quiet class and manners; he is my magic girl in a beret, and I, I am Sam Beam's cumulus ginger-beard with little bird legs, walking around haw-hawing at my good fortune of holding hands with a dapper man.

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