March 23, 2006


I stayed up until dawn-am watching a documentary about a girl scout troop whose moms are all in prison, and woke up this morning to the upstairs problem. The Upstairs Problem started as our neighboor laying down some Hoover-like riffs for 2-4 hours at a time in the kitchen, then as he has gotten more pedals it's gotten worse. He's been playing the same song for the entire 4 months I have lived here. Matt calls it "grillin cheese". Today I was woken up by the dude really grillin the cheese: some octaver-phaser pedal sea-sickness that might be one of those Danelectro "sitar" effects, of course applied to the same-same-same-song, with muted picky solo included. But in the last few weeks, dude has augmented his playing with MAD GRUNGERY. I am not sure what he is listening to, but it's from 1991. It kind of sounds like Dumptruck or The Fluid of Vertigo. Fuck, if it was Vertigo, I would not even care. Today, I snapped, ripped off the covers and stomped into the other room and put on the worst song I could-- which was, of course, Glen Frey's "Smugglers Blues"--good and loud. I think he got the point.

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