March 22, 2006


With trepidation built on sad-fear, and with eager resolve in equal measure, I am making my way slowly through two art-works who are on a same-same: The new Mecca Normal album that is a narrative about Jean Smith's internet dating history and Louise Gluck's new poetry book Averno. Both, I feel are about being an older woman, sure of herself and not very sure about the men around her. Or maybe sure about some pretty grim things about those men; beds being left cold, bitter truths you can hardly be upset over, being older and how that sometimes is. I like Jean's version a better than Louise's, as Louise's sounds like the swell of divorce hitting it's shore, Jean's is about being a poor artist and a single woman at 46. Louise's version says this is it. in a reserved, nuanced way and Jean's says THIS IS IT?!. Their "it's" being flipsided versions of "being alone". I am not sure which is more unsettling, but both do the job, and eviserate quickly. It's not a shock, but it feels more like a velvet curtain has been pulled back, in and the story is not magical, it is so plain, it is like I have never heard it; both feel like an anti-heroine, I do not want to identify with the complexity of what their alone means.

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