March 22, 2006


Went to the museum for get-in-free day. It was hard to be there, a lot of loud people and kids and art school babes trying to show one another up by how much more each of them knew. Next time I bring earplugs. No matter where I walked, I wound up within 10 feet of three girls and a boy--art schoolers all. The prettiest of the girls had a switch in her walk, she moved like her ass was on a sling. She was trying to show off for the boy, alpha-up on those other girls. I was finally able to shake them during my camp out in the room left over from the Dan Flavin retrospective that just came down. It was really a special feeling, alone with a room of pink and gold light, making dumb life glow like an Italian fresco of baby Jesus on a basillica ceiling.


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