March 21, 2006


(For the sixth grade graduation at my Montessori-learning school, we had to sing the Carly Simon song that was the theme to Working Girl. It was not as bad as 7th grade grad--we had to sing Mike and The Mechanics "Living Years")

Public Congratulations to my lady J Shep on her new job. You may have missed her Jane magazine-based hip hop music blog which makes me really excited for the debut of her MTV R&B blog. You will read the entire thing in one sitting and learn about what is great and redonkuliss in hop hop today. PS. I watched that Kelis video 3 times in a row; Tinted poodle as matching accessesory to one's diamond studded grill is something you think would only be good conceptually, but she pulls it off. You must love Kelis for everything she is and everything she isn't quite. Plus she wears Chuck Taylors with no socks in the summer, like the rest of us. I saw a picture. I imagine her and Nas going home from a summer night out sweating up her CT's and her taking them off and chasing him around the mansion with them. That's the kind of girl I imagine Kelis to be.

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