March 17, 2006


JR yelled my name down the street to me last night, I missed him in the window of the book store where he works, flipping me off. We cemented it: library day today. Trying to decide whethere to renew or return Jesus and Buddha as Brothers , which has yet to be cracked. I check out, usually, five books, and mostly finish one; the other books are like wishes, pennies in a fountain. I want to check out all the Algren, go deep on my new love for stories of my hood circa 1940, but I have to read Master and Margarita by the 2nd for book club.

I have nothing but time right now, but I need different stim than books. Winter is stumbling it's way out, giving a day a week of freak warm weather, and that's almost worse than if it didn't happen at all. Spring, acting like such a tease. I only get cabin fever towards the end, because outside is almost doable: you can go outside for more than 11 minutes now, if you bundle up and walk very fast. I resent my mittens and nothing I have to do indoors is exciting enough. I putter around the house, on a track of half finished tasks, in between deadlines, having my most meaningful conversations with Wyatt, but he is only five months old and his main concerns are me smoothing his tigerstripes and little balls with bells inside and when am I going to throw one his way. He just stares at me with blank eyes.

I feel like nothing really matters until it's at least 47 degrees.

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