March 15, 2006


According to statcounter, I have six daily readers in Austin. Lucky you, all that SXSW. I am sitting this year out though missing SXSW means missing some things I truly love: free promotional CD samplers handed to me by beggy assertive strangers who are offended if you do not take it, product managers achieving cross platform synergy with an intern from the radio department after 41 shared drinks and some under the table finger-banging, people vomitting churros into the gutters of 6th Street... I could go on, but I won't.

Instead, I will suggest you see three things:
DJ Feadz, at the Tigebeat 6 show. (Friday Morning - doors at 2:30 am - 5 dollars @ Karma Lounge - 119 West 8th Street) Feadz is a french DJ who records for BPitch Control, his 12" Fast Forward is the number one thing that people ask me "WHAT IS THIS?!" when I play it. Julianne and I saw him in Berlin a few years ago and he played this shit that sounded like Miami Bass if Miami was actually a factory town in Germany, he's just the best and he is never ever in the US.

Are you like that guy in the 10CC song who sings "I don't like reggae/ I love it"? Then you are just like my friend Cali (who is already enjoying TX, obvs), and maybe you should be friends (having things in common is an easy way to foster friendship). He's DJing the I Heart Comix showcase (3/16 Beauty Bar all day and night). He is covered in a human-skin wallpaper of totally questionable tattoos, but otherwise has impeccable tastes. I have only ever seen him DJ in his living room and when he does that he just plays reggae, so my recommendation is based on that. Funnily enough, and Thirdly, my boyfriend (no, it's true! we worked it out!), Matt, is in a band called Ambulette, who are also playing that SAME SHOW at Beauty Bar. At 3pm. After Lady Soveriegn but before 56 LA-based goth disco bands and Peaches bikini waxing demo.

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