March 15, 2006


Guess who is still looking for a room-mate? C'est moi. March. Mid-March also possible and doable. For your rent dollars ($500), you get a bedroom and half the home office/craft room. Place is big and so so lovely. Porch, kittens, laundry, closets! You can sit on the porch and watch droves of old old old Russian people walk to the grocery at slow paces. Please do not make me fish for strangers on Craigslist. Last time, last time I was forced to turn to strangers, I wound up living, for 5 whole months with a 3 degrees of separation dude who was a chronic griller of chicken--every night the Foreman grill got fired up. He also lifted weights in the living room and kept an erotic novel on the back of the toilet. The chicken thing was over the top, though the last two issues would not have been so bad if he had been female.

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