March 10, 2006


Matt just reminded me: Remember when Victory launched on off shoot world label? I wonder how releases like Hot Caribbean Hits fared, in their pre-street team era?

Quoth one Tony Brummel, on the label's inception:"The Caribbean is relatively close to the United States yet most Americans are totally unaware of its existence and importance. There are so many cultures and musical styles to be explored and exposed. Plus, the music and the story behind it are spectacular. It's exciting and a privilege to be able to document history, tradition and ethic diversity. Graphically, we are going to make the releases on Victory World look spectacular. Many of the releases in this genre lack a certain flair and excitement- we are going to fix that. We want to provide as much takeaway as possible and hopefully, temporarily transport the listener to another part of the world. This is music that has the potential to appeal to everyone from children to senior citizens. It's refreshing to work with a musical style that has the potential to bring so many different people together."

Quick exercise in making yr brain vex into collapse: Close your eyes and imagine how Victory might try and market, say, Soca to senior citizens and children, ones who are unaware of the Caribbean?

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