March 10, 2006


Holy snap. Teeter Sperber (google her, she is real), is, for some effing reason, in South Beach for a month and has started a photo blog, appropriately titled Spring Break Hellscape, which is all beer bongs, butts and white people baking in the sun like a flambe and unlevened mocking c/o Teeter and her dutch pal Danielle.

Meanwhile, a good omen for all of us, for the weekend: I found my Soul II Soul's Keep on Movin under a chair in my office. Seeing Jazzy B--It's like seeing a hawk.

Thirdly, and this is the last time I will tell you. Tomorrow, 1 pm, Harold Washington library, downtown, me and Monica Kendrick and Deena Weinstein (she wrote that heavy metal sociology book) and Amy from venus. Panelising. Another reason to come on down: you can meet my sister, who has long golden hair like a palamino mane. She's the best. I have not seen her since she moved back from Barcelona, almost a year since I seen her, which makes me want to put my face through the wall like a toggle bolt I am so excited. She is only 21 and already a full fledged genius woman. She is writing her thesis on blogs. Please befriend her, I am trying to get her to move back to Chicago instead of back to Hong Kong, entirely for my own selfish purposes.

Fourthly, I never stopped loving Richard Butler , and am glad to see him on the comeback path. His new album is not fantastic (it all sounds like "Angels Don't Cry",) but I will co-sign on any recording that is a vehicle for his voice. Summer is coming, which means it's almost time for Talk Talk Talk in heavy rotation. It's a summer only album, not sure if you knew that. Federally Mandated.

Fifthly, this weekend's This American Life is about Gitmo and habeaus corpus and New American Justice of the Bush age. Essential listening.

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